one hundred things i'd rather hold than my phone

            Something I have been really trying to do lately is to be more conscientious of how I spend my time. I only really got thinking about it when I was prompted to change my way of thinking. Instead of using the excuse that I simply did not have time to do something, I needed to be honest with myself: I simply was not making those things a priority. And that was a real eye opener. It really causes you to sit and reevaluate your self and how you choose to spend your time. Time, after all, is a gift, and it isn't promised to be there tomorrow.

            Following that, I stumbled upon this exercise, writing a list of things you would rather hold in your hands than your phone. Of course, what is more important than this list, is being intentional in putting my phone away and choosing to live in the moment, or if I have to, bring meaning to that moment by finding something else to occupy my mind and hands. And with that being said, here are a hundred things I'd rather hold than my phone, and as I hope a hundred possibilities I can choose from next time I find myself "bored."

  1. the bible
  2. a hand written letter
  3. my camera
  4. a hand of someone I care about
  5. a kitten
  6. a stack of old family photos
  7. my favorite book
  8. someone's hair as I braid it
  9. a mug filled with coffee
  10. a plane ticket
  11. the steering wheel of my car
  12. a glass of ice water
  13. my guitar
  14. black nail polish
  15. a bouquet of flowers
  16. the comforter on my bed
  17. a devotional
  18. a new pack of sharpies
  19. the keys of a type writer
  20. a deck of cards
  21. concert tickets
  22. puzzle pieces
  23. weights to make my arms strong
  24. produce at a farmer's market
  25. a slice of pizza
  26. a psychology textbook
  27. a paint brush
  28. aquarium tickets
  29. my passport
  30. a coloring book
  31. a Harry Potter book
  32. the keys of a piano
  33. stones on the beaches of Lake Superior
  34. the handle bars of my bike
  35. a honeysuckle flower
  36. a journal and pen
  37. a polaroid camera
  38. my yoga mat
  39. a postcard
  40. someone close while we talk for hours
  41. an iced coffee
  42. hands in prayer
  43. handwritten notes
  44. movie popcorn
  45. a list written on paper of adventures to go on
  46. a national geographic magazine
  47. embroidery thread
  48. my laptop as I settle down to write
  49. ballet slippers
  50. a planner
  51. a mug of hot chocolate
  52. my cross necklace
  53. a fortune cookie
  54. a potted plant
  55. a newborn baby
  56. a photograph I developed in a darkroom from film
  57. the reins of a horse's bridle
  58. a collection of photos from my trip to Spain
  59. a handmade gift
  60. a sushi menu
  61. a photo album
  62. a to do list
  63. my hands up in worship
  64. movie tickets
  65. a grocery list
  66. a film canister
  67. smores at a bonfire
  68. my favorite ring
  69. a venti sweetened passion tango iced tea from Starbucks
  70. my Friends DVDs
  71. tortilla chips and a bowl of queso
  72. a list of positive affirmations
  73. raindrops in the palm of my hand
  74. my wood burning tool
  75. a sunflower
  76. a library card
  77. a stack of my grandmother's recipes handwritten on scrap paper and index cards
  78. a candle and a match
  79. frosted animal crackers
  80. a sparkler
  81. a family scrapbook
  82. a glass of sweet tea
  83. a notebook full of outlines for a book I'm writing
  84. a pottery piece handmade by my grandmother
  85. the tiny hands of the kiddos I teach
  86. tacos
  87. clay I'm molding into something
  88. my essential oil bottles
  89. my suitcase
  90. my hammock, while I hunt for a place to hang it up
  91. the cross hanging in my rearview mirror
  92. the door open for others
  93. a stack of books I'm buying from a local bookstore
  94. a peach
  95. a cookbook
  96. a plate of baked pita bread and hummus
  97. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  98. my water bottle
  99. my gym membership card
  100. a sharpie while I doodle a tattoo on skin

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