saved by grace

          I want you to know pain so that you may understand the worth of comfort. I want you to know sadness so that you may know the full worth of a single moment of pure bliss. And I don't want life to be easy, for love to come easy, or for it to last easily. For you would not know the value it bears. I pray that you see hate, heartache, and sin, so that you may see the glory that is in our Savior. 

          I pray that in this darkness you look towards the light and recognize it as our creator. And above all, I hope you know what Christ died for. So that you may not live a life sugar-coated, but a life saved. For just because you are saved, does not mean you are not broken. For just because you are saved does not mean life will come easily. That you will always feel secure and happy. 

          The things you feel on a day to day basis are fleeting and worldly, incomparable to God's grace. You without God are selfish, scared, cowardly, helpless, sinful... And with God you are still all these things, not quite so intensely and they will not overcome you. For he is your shield. And when you go through deep waters, he will be with you. 

          Disciple, this is the love you deserve to know and that we receive only because we are saved by grace.
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