i'm the kind of girl who

  • has no problem and in fact rather enjoys doing things alone (like shopping, going to the gym, exploring...)
  • wants nothing more out of life than to be a wife and a mother
  • gets deeply attached to fictional characters and stories
  • loves to motivate and make others smile
  • feels emotions deeply and is pretty empathetic
  • would eat Mexican food everyday if she could
  • loves to write lists
  • is highly intuitive about people and situations
  • sings loudly and passionately to all kinds of music in her car
  • loves the power of words and especially in using them as a tool for inspiration
  • has an active imagination and is constantly thinking up of impossible or unlikely scenarios in her head
  • is a dreamer
  • loves to go to the farmers market and the art museum whenever she's in a new city
  • will never be to old for Disney or Pixar
  • is a deep thinker and overanalyzes everything
  • loves rain and thunderstorms
  • is struck by wanderlust
  • loves binge watching movies and tv series
  • is a fan of long drives with no destination
  • will never get tired of Friends episodes no matter how many times she sees them
  • loves cats
  • desperately wants a few tattoos someday
  • is an aspiring writer
  • wants to empower women
  • is a closet sci-fi nerd
  • goes nowhere without a notebook and camera in hand
  • loves the sound of rain and smell of books
  • will never settle on 'what she wants to be when she grows up'
  • is a Hufflepuff, and her patronus is an otter
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