thirty-five ways to practice self-love

"And if I asked you to name all the things you love,
how long would it take to name yourself?"
            I am a firm believer that self-love is one of the most important steps towards becoming the best version of yourself. To love your soul, mind, and body, the parts you like just as much as the parts you don't.
            I'm not mesmerizing, captivating, or sensational. I have laugh lines and stretch marks. Blemishes and scars, and I have more freckles than stars in the sky. I'm terrible at introductions, I hate small talk, and I don't like busy places. I have insecurities, anxiety, and fears. But all these things, seen and unseen, make up who I am. They are my brain, my thoughts, my experiences, and my story all wrapped up in one. Loving yourself is an ongoing practice. It's not something you wake up and suddenly have for the rest of your life, so I thought I'd share a list of ways to spark self-love today...
  1. practice yoga and meditation
  2. sit and write in a coffee shop
  3. go outside and feed your lungs fresh air
  4. volunteer, it's a confidence booster and it opens your eyes to new experiences
  5. start a journal
  6. brighten someone's day
  7. eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible
  8. buy a plant or flowers for your living space
  9. put on an uplifting song and dance
  10. cook a new dish
  11. go to an art museum
  12. express gratitude
  13. unplug, put away your phone and electronics for a few hours
  14. read a book
  15. watch the sunrise or sunset
  16. go to sleep early, and get enough rest to wake up early, too
  17. drink a hot cup of tea or coffee, or water (cold)
  18. start your day off with stretching
  19. listen to a podcast or an audio book (try multi-tasking, while your driving, cooking, cleaning)
  20. do at least one thing that gets you closer to your goals
  21. declutter, minimize your space and throw away or donate as much as you can
  22. create a vision board
  23. go on a friendship date
  24. keep a notebook (a place to keep your ideas, your thoughts, to-do lists)
  25. get creative (the possibilities are endless: photography, music, painting, writing, cooking, crafting)
  26. work out, or try something new to shake up your routine (try only using your body, doing an outdoor work out, or attend a class)
  27. listen to an instrumental playlist (Deep Focus on Spotify is a good one)
  28. go on a drive (no destination, no plans, just drive)
  29. burn a candle
  30. make a bucket list and start crossing things off
  31. surround yourself with positive energy and people
  32. treat yo self, take yourself on a date or stay in with good food an a movie
  33. read the scriptures or indulge in something spiritual that's close to your heart
  34. go to a farmer's market
  35. watch an old favorite film
- s.l.
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